Pricing Sample

Junk removal is generally priced based on how many cubic yards it takes to complete the job. In our case, each load which is 12 cubic yards costs $549 which is 20% less than the industry average. We also use dump trucks that are 30% larger than the average junk removal truck size, so they can hold two loads of couches, mattresses, garbage, rubbish, trash, junk, or anything else instead of one. Below is a table that breaks down various volumes of material and their corresponding cost.

Furniture, Garbage, and Junk Removal, Hauling, and Dumping Cost By The Cubic Yard

3 Cubic Yards


6 Cubic Yards


9 Cubic Yards


12 Cubic Yards (1 Load)


15 Cubic Yards


18 Cubic Yards


21 Cubic Yards


24 Cubic Yards (2 Loads)


*Prices are doubled for heavy debris like construction debris, sand, or concrete