About 1-800-JUNKERS

How long has it been since you last cleared your space? Don’t remember it? Feeling cramped for extra space? If yes, then you need magicians who could make your junk disappear. 1-800-JUNKERS knows that magic and can declutter your space to make it look spacious and clean. We provide upfront and honest pricing for our immaculate junk removal services.

Our strong team contains licensed, certified, and insured junk removal experts who can remove all your junk away within a blink of an eye. Working with professionals like us will save you a significant amount of time and money.

What we offer

A cluttered space filled with unwanted stuff and excessive junk is a big headache that every homeowner prefers to avoid. 1-800-JUNKERS make junk removal hassle-free and less chaotic for our clients.

Why Choose 1-800-JUNKERS

Over time junk piles up and covers most of your space, making it look clogged and messy. 1-800-JUNKERS wants all the people to enjoy a cleaner and fresher home or office with enhanced space for storage. We always try to discard items in the most eco-friendly and responsible manner, whether it be through charitable contributions or reprocessing.

We are capable of removing all kinds of junk that need extra strength to remove, like beds, flooring, electronic parts, devices, TVs, exercise machines, and other items. So next time you need to get your home decluttered or your commercial property cleaned, don’t forget to call 1-800-JUNKERS right away.